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Hand chosen printing paper

We have spent a lot of time and trial prints choosing what we think is the perfect paper for photograph reproductions.

We opted for a heavy weight paper of 300gsm that emulates very closely traditional fibre based printing paper, the chosen paper has an acid inhibiting layer which helps produce amazing archival properties. Combined with the archival properties of our inks gives prints an archival life of over 50 years*

We are often asked why we do not print on acid free archival rag paper, we have pondered and tested, but ultimately we have decided upon the paper we use because it has an excellent acid inhibiting layer, offering superior archival properties, while still enabling us to use the archival quality inks. Rag papers require the use of a matt black ink, these inks are typically not archival quality, so the advantages of the acid free paper are far out weighed by the life of the matt black ink

Our paper is available in Gloss or Semi Gloss coatings and both finishes feature a very slight texture is illustrated below. The Giclée printing paper was chosen because it mirrors the finest qualities of traditional photographic printing for both colour and black and white photographs

Great looking prints

Making sure your digital files are correct for printing

Our 11 colour Giclée printer always prints at a very high resolution. So your files need to be up to the mark it in terms of resolution. Luckily most digital cameras have a very high resolution sensor.

However, submitting a low resolution file, or one that is incorrectly formatted, may result in a beautiful print of a poor image.

Standard setup

Images submitted for Giclée printing should be:

  1. Cropped to your desired print size (so if you want a 10×12 inch print, size it to this).
  2. 300ppi/dpi.
  3. Colour space Adobe RGB colour space. We know that colour management seems like a dart science, don't panic we check all files.
  4. Save at level 11 or 12 jpg alternatively an uncompressed flat tif.

Not too sure?

Get in touch we will help you to get the formatting right

Art Photo Print is run by dedicated, experienced professional photographers with over 30 years of print experience, both traditional and digital. We understand the pitfalls of doing your own printing at home. Everybody should have a printer at home and we encourage people to produce their own prints, what we specialise in is producing high quality prints of larger sizes and prints for presentation or sale.

We take away the stress and huge cost of running your own high quality printer at home.

Here are some of the problems associated with producing your own art prints at home

  • Huge cost of a high quality A3 printer with more than CMYK inks
  • Small capacity and expense of genuine inks
  • Poor quality and variability of non genuine ink
  • Cost of ink used to clean your print heads because they clog up when occasionally used
  • Cost of keeping paper and doing test prints
  • Colour calibration
  • Paper storage and trimming
  • Packaging for delivery

We could go on listing the potential problems, but in our the biggest problem with high quality printing at home is, to keep your printer in good working order you need to use it on a regular basis, if you do not the print heads clog up and you spend a fortune in ink cleaning it, if you do use it on a regular basis, the ink volume to cartridge cost is prohibitively expensive.

So why not use us for your printing needs?

You can change print quantity in an order by navigating to the basket

To edit print size or change uploaded image

  • Navigate to the basket
  • Next to the order title click "Edit your Print Order"
  • Once you have been redirected to the order page, make required changes including uploading new image
  • Click "UPDATE BASKET" button